(Carpal \'Tunnel)
04/12/12 03:08 PM
Re: the bloom fall off...

I find it interesting that now that the stuff about Trayvon is reaching the more mainstream venues, all of a sudden, we are hearing that Zimmerman "restrained" the boy. What evidence is there that this occurred?

We were initially told that Zimmerman had a history of "violence". No, he had a charge of assaulting a cop, when he pushed a cop who was questioning someone else. The charges were dropped, he entered an alcohol rehab and has been sober since. His finacee filed a charge of domestic violence, which was dropped and they were BOTH issued a restraining order.

All of this happened SEVEN YEARS AGO.

But as for Trayvon, he was CURRENTLY on a suspension for having drug parphenalia IN SCHOOL, he had been suspended in the past for skipping school and excessive tardies, and has NURMEROUS pictures taken where he is flipping off the camera, and seen in the presence of "gangsta" type individuals.

So WHY is it so hard to believe that such a person would have an attitude and attack someone? If a DROPPED CHARGE, seven years ago, makes Zimmerman likely to be violent, why not CURRENT personality traits by Trayvon prove the same thing?

Bottom line, there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that Zimmerman restrained Trayvon.

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