(Carpal \'Tunnel)
09/26/11 08:13 AM
Re: I'm scared that I'll get screwed.

My 19 year old son makes about $8 per hour and lives on his own, so it can be done. If you make good financial decisions with the lump sum payment, that'll help out your monthly income also. I note that your husban'ds proposal makes no mention of you having to pay out on negative home equity -- I might drop that topic completely if I were you.

And as for wanting part of his mother's house proceeds when it's sold? For helping your husband take care of his mother???? Are you KIDDING????? You have no right to ANY of that house at all. You admittedly didn't work during the marriage, didn't contribute financially and now you want part of your mother in law's home?????

I might take the time you have left and start some type of school order to increase your ability to make more money than you do now.....

Your ex has offered to pay for your car **a savings to you** you are working, he's offered to pay you $350 until the house sells, without mentioning your liability for any negative equity and then to increase your spousal support to $500 per month, regardless of that negative equity.

If you wanted to escape the **abuse** you could have left YEARS ago -- you wanted it for years, per your words. Then, you should have gone -- but you've permitted yourself to be in an essentially untenable situation, regardless of abuse.

I make about what your husband makes -- that $500 will seriously impact his finances -- but he's willing to pay it.

I don't think that you're going to be very successful in getting more than what he's offering -- of course, you could take your chances and attempt to fight it, trying to find an attorney to represent you and making your husband pay the fees, but I'm not sure that you'll be very successful. The only thing that you may win on is having support continue after your husband retires --

Honestly? It's not a bad proposal --

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