01/28/08 12:54 PM
Helping your male children

The most important thing you can do is make them aware of how divorce law works so they never, never, never marry.

Pound it into their heads when a women makes noise about how she wants to marry, MAKE HER explain why ? Why do we need this contract ? Why ? Why can't we simply live together ?

We all know the only true answer is alimony. That is the one and only difference between living together and marriage and male children need to know that...

They also need to know if they are stuck in a rotten marriage and they think " staying together for the children " is a good idea, realize they are signing on to pay for that woman NOT TO WORK A REAL JOB for the rest of her life possibly.
Lifetime alimony....Think about it...

01/28/08 02:19 PM
Re: Helping your male children

I would never tell my boys that. How horrible! That is brainwashing an innocent child into thinking that all women are money hungry and out to get them. What a sad way to grow up.

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/28/08 04:53 PM
Re: Helping your male children

I'll make sure I tell my daughter, since her father was the one who tried taking me to the cleaner's.
Guess I'm smarter than you. I got out with just giving up some property that I didn't want.

Thanks for the tip.

01/29/08 06:29 PM
Re: Helping your male children

The reality is that there is truth in the idea that marriage is a contract for damgages if the contract is broken.
While marriage at it's purest core is the ultimate commitment and sacrifice to the love of another, in the modern world it is nothing more than a contract that protects one party. That party is usually the woman, the percentages don't lie, however it can protect a man too.

So do not get sucked into the antiquated testiments of marriage...I agree. However I have to back the voice of the people here that telling a boy (or Girl) that marriage is horrible and evil and blah blah, is not good advice. We should just make our children understand...when they are closer to the marrying age, what is involved in marriage, both good and bad.

As for teaching our children about wedded bliss, it is not the wedded part we should emphasize...we need to reinforce that our children are not responsible for the events leading to a divorce...many children blame themselves and many parents make a half ass effort at changing that opinion.

I have worked diligently to teach my oldest son that his mother is not bad, this is not his fault and that this whole situation will only result in his mother finally being forced into medical treatment.
Will we remain married, NO! Will I admonish my children if they want to get married...NO! Will I check if his future wife is on meds and in therapy...You Damn Skippy I will!

Point is yes teach our children many things but do not, no matter how bad, teach them negative things.

01/30/08 07:18 PM
Re: Helping your male children

ANY man married to ANY woman who makes less than him, is liable for alimony.

I'm sorry you don't like hearing the truth, that is the law. Wouldn't you advise your son not to lease a car and instead to save up and buy a car ?

Marriage is the same as leasing, bad financial decision all the way around. Very one-sided contract.

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