08/05/10 05:39 PM
Update on Lawyer Fees

Great news! I found an attorney that would complete a stipulated agreement for custody/visitation and child support for a flat fee of $1500. This also includes the court costs and service fees. She has a good reputation so I am so relieved. I think the first lawyer who wanted a retainer of $3500 plus court fees for a stipulated agreement was trying to soak me for money. It definitely pays to talk to several lawyers to get a good idea who is best going to represent your interests. I am relieved to get everything legal so I can protect my daughter's interest. A big thank you to Cinsu for advice and ideas:)

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
08/09/10 01:29 PM
Re: Update on Lawyer Fees

sounds great matilda. if both parents can agree then a stipulated agreement protects both sides and keeps the animosity down.

let us know if he does end up agreeing in the end! ;) sometimes that is the larger part of the battle.

08/09/10 09:40 PM
Re: Update on Lawyer Fees

Tell me about it. I agreed to less than guideline amount for CS, daycare, health insurance and he is asking if I would sign a agreement not to ask for a modification for a specified amount of time. Hello, talk about greedy. If I didn't want to accept the amount agreed up I would have spent the money to have a lawyer make an agreement. Plus CS is always modifiable especially when it is below guidelines. I am keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well until the papers are signed and filed with the courts.

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
08/10/10 11:47 AM
Re: Update on Lawyer Fees

yes i was just going to say it is always modifiable. BM in our case let DH have more time with his son if he agreed to pay more CS. she didn't hold up her end of that bargain (provide specified transportation) so DH went back to modify. regardless of whether or not she held up her end fo the bargain CS is always modifiable.

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