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03/10/11 07:43 AM
Where to live?!?!

I am devastated! My husband walked out on me, literally, on our 1 year anniversary. I have 4 children. WE only have 1 together. I lost my job of 10 yrs in 2009. I was suppose to just stay home til out daughter started kindergarten. He owns the house and the deed. It was his before we met. How long do I have before he can give us all the boot? Anyone know?? (We live in PA, if that helps.) Thank-you!

03/10/11 08:40 AM
Re: Where to live?!?!

Probably at least 30 days.

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/10/11 08:38 PM
Re: Where to live?!?!

How long do I have before he can give us all the boot?

>>>>>>>>> He can't , only a judge may order you to vacate the marital home .

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/14/11 03:15 PM
Re: Where to live?!?!

There is nothing that supports any 30 day assessment.

All assets are presumed marital until proven oterwise. It is up to the proponent of the non-marital clainm to prove it. You cannot be removed from the home except by court order which is extremely unlikely unless or until the divorce is finalized. In short, it will likely be a product of negotiation.

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