(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/13/07 05:22 PM
Regarding my post below...

Last spring, ex was really riding the kids hard about all this, hence the legal action. DS nearly failed out of school he was so distracted. ex called him once ATschool, had them pull him out of class to talk. Every day after that, DS asked me what he should do if his dad called and he didn't want to talk. I said he didn't have to talk, just tell them to let his dad know he is in class and will call that night.

Anywhooooo fast forward to start of this school year, same crap different grade. I take out two temp restraining orders, let it drop because he moved and didn't leave a forward. DS missed a week and a half of school, all the stress REALLY aggravates his reflux and he had horrible stomach aches.

Considering that he always has physical and educational difficulties surrounding and due to his father's behavior, would I be able to prove a "substantial risk of impairment to a child's intellectual or psychological functioning?"

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/13/07 05:30 PM
Motion to Modify

My motion to modify was based on the side-effects his BS was having on the children's education.

Two new studies (sorry, do not have a readily available link) that my lawyer cited stated that the number one contributor to flunking/failing school is divorce.

Haven't gotten a decision yet..

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/13/07 05:35 PM
Re: Motion to Modify

Well, good luck in your case! It is amazing the similarities between our exs.

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