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10/16/08 03:44 PM
Divorce Judgment malpracice really?

My husbands divorce attorney can no longer represent him because she made a mistake (according to him) in my favor, with our final divorce judgment, which has been signed,by me, him, and judge. His original attorney wrote our prenup 7 years ago. I guess everyone involved failed to realize a certain sentence that said "less" or deduct rather than "in addition to" so my settlement is more than he wants to pay. He says he is only paying what the pre-nup states he has to. Well he has already added more than that with extras like health insurance as well as an extra $20,000 to get me to sign faster. Now his attorneys insurance company is paying for a new attorney to represent him in filing a motion to set aside the paragraph. Now I have to pay even more attorney fees..does anyone have any expertise on this kind of situation? Any help would be wonderful. Is his new attorney just looking into this to see whether insurance will pay for his original attnys mistake? Or will they remove it from the judgment? How can I fight this?
Thank you in advance---

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10/17/08 06:05 AM
Re: Divorce Judgment malpracice really?

Wow........what a mess !

I have no idea what this will do to the terms of your divorce, but wanted to say I think you should motion for him to pay your attorney fees for this. It's not your fault his side screwed already paid for "one divorce settlement."

Good luck

(old hand)
10/17/08 07:39 AM
Re: Divorce Judgment malpracice really?

Most definately request compensation.

10/17/08 07:56 AM
Re: Divorce Judgment malpracice really?

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