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03/13/12 03:38 PM

Married for almost 11 years to an abusive man. Divorce final in July 2010. I was awarded house and one of the cars. Ordered to get the house and cars refinanced unable to do so. Our daughter got sick two hospitalizations, chronic disease and tens of thousands of dollars in Dr. bills. He has not paid half of a single prescription cost. Took me back to court early this year contempt for not getting our house which is $175,000 upside refinanced. Car was $8000 upside down. House payment $4000 per month was working with bank to get payment lowered but judge ordered house sold. I was already behind and at that point could not execute the modification agreement. Car payment was current a few days behind but not 30 days. I turned the car over as ordered he does not make the money to keep up with the payments car was repossessed. Mind you he ended up with both cars from the marriage. House will foreclose shortly he has made no effort to get the house appraised as ordered or listed. But wants me to stay in it indefinitely make payments and he sells when he wants to in order to get half the profits. Now he is taking me back again asking for discovery of my financials for the last two years. Is that really his business, I wasn't going to pay on a car I no longer owned and I have tons of paperwork for the bank.

I really need help on this at the time I fell behind I had medical bills as well as furlough days pay cuts. I asked for more time to get the house refinance he refused. Can he request my financial documents, some are tied with my fiancee'. He has sent texts that he will keep taking me back to court and I need to keep getting my money ready. Please advise.

03/13/12 09:46 PM
Re: Discovery

Is there a live case? If not it could be post judgment discovery-- to find out where he might get money from you. Difficult to give any advice when the status of the case and relevant facts are unclear. Good luck.

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03/16/12 08:39 AM
Re: Discovery

There are two children. He pays child support and I hold up to the visitation.

1. Daughther took ill in Nov 2010 and Fen 2011 two hospitalizations thousands of dollars in medical bills. Still has not reimbursed me.

2. Son is in counseling for learning disability. Still has not reimbursed me.

3. I have texts from him stating he is just looking for a way to bring me back to court.

4. Received modification paperwork from bank on Jan 27. He refused to sign.

5. I was current on the truck payment in December. I got served with papers had to retain an attorney could not pay the truck and get an attorney.

6. In Jan the property was supposed to be settled.

7. Im at my wits in this man was an acholic extremely abusive, and still trying to control me. How do I get him to leave me along.

8. He filed contempt action in Jan stating I didn't get the 2nd refinanced but I did, saying I didn't file amended taxes but I did.

5. Took a 10% paycut on my job along with furlough days. I have copies of E-mails I sent to him letting him know the status of the house and he agreed to give me the time i needed. I was 95% of the way there. I could no longer afford $4000 a month.

6. In Jan he was ordered to get an appraisal. Hasn't happened yet.

7. I'm in Texas.

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