(recently joined)
03/20/07 11:12 AM
Advise on this...worried grandma

My daughter who is 23, is going on a cruise out of the country in a couple of weeks. She is insisting that she "has to go" on this vacation( out of the country no less). She is leaving for 8 days! My main issue are that she doesn't have a set babysitter for her 6month old. I was informed and not asked if I could take the baby. I work full time at a medical facility and cannot take that time off(maybe late summer will be ok). The father of the baby is going with her and he doesn't really want to. She may leave the baby with a friend of hers that is working at night. My daughter does not seem concerned if her baby is left or with who. I feel like she is trying to manplitate
me into taking her. I may loose my job over this. My daughter says "oh well" then don't take the baby.
I am very worried about this....any advise?

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/20/07 08:43 PM
Re: Advise on this...worried grandma

If you're certain that you've made your position clear, there's not much else you can do except to simply not be home when she would go to drop off the baby. You've told her no, you've told her why, you've repeated it ___# of times.... it sounds like you've done everything you can to make your point.

She was big girl enough to have the baby, hopefully she's big girl enough to make child care arrangements. Since she hasn't asked you to do it for her, you've done everything you can and will have to trust she's got it under control.

03/29/07 02:59 PM
Re: Advise on this...worried grandma

Just a thought but, what about day care? and the baby's parents pay for it while you are at work? Do they both work and already have child care?

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
04/11/07 07:25 AM
Re: Advise on this...worried grandma

I would tell your daughter that once you have kids, it is not all about what YOU want. It is about what is best for your child. Your life is no longer you rown. As for leaving a 6 mo old baby for 8 days, that is absurd to me. Sounds like your daughter is more irresponsible than she should be. If you are going to lose your job over this, dont do it. Unless you have a reason other than the friend works nights, why not let her take care of the baby when you cant, or even the whole time?

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06/12/07 11:40 AM
Re: Advise on this...worried grandma

I also have a young daughter that has a baby,my daughter is only 20 years old and I told her when she insisted she was ready to have kids that she would be the one to take care of them.My children were taken care of by me and if I went somewhere they went with me or I didn't go.Tell your daughter that you will not lose your job because she want's to have a fun vacation.Tell her that you raised her and now it's her time to raise your granddaugher.That's why so many children are being raised by Grandparents is because the kids don't want to raise them when they realize it's not an easy job.Grandparents need to be grandparents and enjoy their grandchilden without having to be their parents.

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02/16/08 02:38 AM
Re: Advise on this...worried grandma

please do not loose your job over her baby.she needs to grow not let her manipulate siund like a wonderful peson.let her go on her trip.if she leaves the child with the wrong person the welfare will be called if ther are any problems.tell her you know of someone she could leave the baby with if you do .noraj

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