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12/29/08 02:41 PM
Registering a divorce in MO

My wife was going through her divorce in Oklahoma. She was granted by the judge permission to move to Missouri. Her ex signed the decree while she lived in Missouri for a year and a half giving her FULL LEGAL CUSTODY of the kids. There was no visitation included in the decree. She has always gone back to Oklahoma to handle small issues. She has given her ex every other weekend and traded holidays and one week in the summer for visitation. Even though there is none written in the decree. She wants to register her divorce in Missouri since she and the kids have been residences for over 2 1/2 years. By doing so will this keep her from haveing to go to Oklahoma for divorce issues, since the children are residences of Missouri? Please help

01/04/09 12:12 PM
Re: Registering a divorce in MO

I am trying to find out the same thing... My child has been a resident of Missouri for 8 1/2 years... I am being told several different things about registering the order.... I have full, sole, legal and physical custody of my child as well.

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