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11/03/06 07:37 PM
is this possible?

hi- I'n new and live in Massachusetts.
Currently going through a pending divorce.

History is Ex and I were in short term marriage of 4 years.(long term is 20 years in Mass)

I have lived in the home for almost 30 years inheriting it from my parents.

My Parents paid the mortgage off in the 1990's and never was there a mortgage during the marriage.
House was transferred to me solely.

Lovely Ex never paid hardly any bills rent or property taxes.

He did do home improvements and that is why now his lawyer wants the home conveyed?!

My attorney says not to panic because they can ask for whatever they want- that is part of the bargaining but I'm still in shock.

Ex lived rent free and wants the house because he did some home improvements?


Also, we have a 2 year old who lives with me in the home- if Ex gets the house- or all proceeds of house- where do daughter and I go- live in a shelter?

I know it's all part of the dirty game but I'm shocked at the greed of Ex and his attorney.

My attorney says they have to ask for the whole thing plus the kitchen sink -but they also have to go by the law.

Mass is an equitable distrubution state and not everything is 50/50 especially in short term marriages where one spouse paid nothing -

Anyone go through something similiar?

Thanks for replies.

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
11/04/06 08:53 PM
Re: is this possible?

A, he probably wont get the house, B, don't be so sure you will get the daughter. While unlikely, he could get the house and custody.

(recently joined)
11/05/06 08:04 AM
Re: is this possible?

thanks for the reply.

No-X doesn't want custody- that would break into his side job/work time.

So, I don't have to worry about that-
he may though if I mention how he works under the table every week-end cheating the IRS.

I'm hoping though it doesn't become a bitter trial.

I keep hearing the most he will get is $ for the home improvements he's done.

I guess we'll see.

Thanks again.

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