(recently joined)
09/21/11 02:11 PM
need some info

if my mother and stepdad split up,does the land that he had before they got married have to be split up? Or does he get it all? they have been married 23 years and I was wondering if they was to split up what would become of the property that they own? They have about 12 acres of land,the house, three car garage and two vehicles. the truck is in their name and the van is in his name. The boat is in his name and the motor home is in his name as well. I think that the house and land is in their name together as well. I just wondering who would get what if they split up....Because my mother has been telling me that she would walk away with whatever she has in her bank account and thats it....Im hoping that she is wrong and gets away from this man. Thanks for any information that you can give me.If you have the information and can quote a law somewhere or whatever that might make her believe it a bit more, that would help too LOL.

09/21/11 04:40 PM
Re: need some info

You listed 10 different varies by state law on each, and you mom needs an attorney.

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
09/21/11 06:28 PM
Re: need some info

Info varies by state but typically in a divorce assets and debts accrued during a marriage are split. To what degree they're split is where the state specific info is important; incomes come into play also. Like DD said, your mom needs an attorney to get more info. If cost is an issue, find an attorney that will give a free consultation - that's not an unusual thing to do when considering divorce. An attorney in your area will be better versed on laws in your state and how judges in your area decide on divorce settlements.

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09/21/11 07:05 PM
Re: need some info

in general what would happen? I mean would she walk away with anything? being that he had the house and land before they got married, she says that it would default to him but I dont know.

09/22/11 09:01 AM
Re: need some info

One factor might be if the house and land were paid for completely when they married. If they made payments with marital monies then it increases the chances that the house/land would be divided between them in some fashion. If he owned both outright and no marital money was used to pay for or maintain then house the chances are lessened that she would get money. Too many unknown factors to make a realistic guess.

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