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08/17/11 07:07 PM
Miss so much!

I was married to the love of my life for 18 years. Met her when she was 14 years old. Married her when she was 22. Our divorced finalized in April of this year. I feel sad and depressed all of the time now. I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know how to move on. People say time will heal wounds but I think I'm just now coming out of shock over the decision to end it. The pain seems to get worse. I miss so much from my previous life! I was so sure of myself before. Now I doubt everything. I don't sleep. I feel so lost. I'm sure a counselor may be helpful but I'd prefer not to pay someone. :confused:

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08/19/11 09:07 PM
Re: Miss so much!

I have a few ? Did you file? If you didn't than a reconciliation is what you strive for. Even if you did file, reconciliation is the right thing. Marriage has become the same as going steady. Before my wife left I saw a card that she was giving to her friend that said " men come and go but best fiends are forever" Sounds like a high school breakup, not a 17 year marriage commitment. So my advice is,while you are waiting, you have to learn to be happy alone. We can't depend on anyone else to make us happy. If you need peace than the only one is the Prince. (Jesus)

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08/27/11 11:11 AM
Re: Miss so much!

It may sound cliche, but time will truly help you heal. You may never stop missing her, but eventually you will find who you are again, and when you do you will slowly start to feel alive again. Start thinking of yourself, taking care of yourself, and focusing on becoming the person you want to be.

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08/31/11 07:09 AM
Re: Miss so much!

Even if you aren't religious you need to pray. You will not notice it right away but you will feel better slowly. Also try dating. There are alot of women who love to help heartbroken men. You could go to a general doctor to ask for an antidepressant. But don't tell him you can barely stand life.

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