03/22/12 09:51 PM

Do you want to withdraw your statement that you NEVER post at night or on the weekends? Do you want to withdraw your statement that you don't have time for FB, make up false names, passwords and accounts?

03/22/12 10:13 PM
Re: Psst..Leanne

Iz ths suppozed to scare Leanne. Doubtful it is working P she does not give a horses butt about u or ur trolling and LIES hypocrite

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/23/12 08:55 AM
Re: Psst..Leanne

Dr. Google recommends lobotomies for all .

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
03/23/12 09:08 AM
Re: Psst..Leanne

"Dr. Google recommends lobotomies for all."

Too late.

03/25/12 08:29 PM
Re: Psst..Leanne

B careful. Lies do cum bck to hawnt in smll twns.

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