01/25/07 07:58 PM
2 Tax Questions

If my ex wife isn't working can her husband claim the kids (our kids-not her's and his) on the tax return? And also if they live in a state that has no state income tax can I claim the kids on my state return? Thanks.

01/25/07 08:07 PM
Re: 2 Tax Questions

I would guess that you cannot claim the kids on your state return, but I don't know which state you are in. Each state has slightly different tax rules.

01/25/07 08:09 PM
Re: 2 Tax Questions

Im in NYS.

What about the husband can he claim the kids?

(old hand)
01/25/07 09:53 PM
Re: 2 Tax Questions

It won't matter if she is working or not. If they file a joint return her husband can claim your kids since he is the one that is covering her share of support for your children and putting a roof over thier heads. If you aren't entitled to carry them on your federal return I doubt you can carry them on your state return.

01/25/07 09:57 PM
Re: 2 Tax Questions

Ok just checking. My attorney had told me a while ago if she isn't working she can't claim them you can but to be honest I don't find it worth it to go back to court to put that into effect, let her have it.
But any clue if I can claim them on my state return, I mean that would be fair to me if I could.
Just for the record Im not looking to take anything from her, just looking for a break for myself. I did my taxes and Im getting nothing back I pay 19k in child support and I think even a little something should be given to NCP's. Even if its a few hundred bucks

(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/26/07 10:38 AM
Re: 2 Tax Questions

Okay, in my state, each personal exemption is only worth $20, so it wouldn't benefit you significanly most likely.

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