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Reged: 06/02/05
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Have you ever just been tired of the crap?
      #18098 - 06/23/05 12:57 PM

Seriously, just tired of it. It has been non-stop for a week now. Let's see.....

1)Grandma (BM's mom) asked for a raise. No joke. When my husband stopped laughing, he said "NO". After, as I read the email, the irony is the increase is equal to what WE pay (50%). Interesting..... Obviously, denied.

2)We told the skids we would be pretty unreachable last night. For the adults in the room, my husband took me to one of those "Sybaris" suites, with a pool in the room. It was very romantic and relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. Just take a wild guess at how many calls were on the cell phones from her? 14 in four hours. Every message the same, "Call me!" Obviously, we didn't. My mom actually had the cell phones and figured if it were an emergency, she would say so so she didn't call us. When we got home late last night, there was an email about how, "What if there were an emergency?" We told her before to leave a message with the emergency in it and we would respond accordingly, which means my mom would have called us if it were truly an emergency :)

3)We (all four, my H, BM and her H) agreed that the majority of the communication would be via email. Keep phone to minimum so that when we DO need to communicate in person or by phone, hopefully, we will be able to deal with each other. It has worked wonderfully for a while now. Sunday night, as we are sitting on the deck enjoying a glass of wine...the phone rings. We let it go to VM (remember, we "turn off" our ringer at 9:00 on a non-school night....which we had stopped because she had stopped the incessant calling....guess we need to go back). Few minutes later, another call. Few minutes later, another call, which woke up my son and he answered it (it is the kids line, after all). My h gets on and reminds her that after 9:00 emergency calls only out of respect of each home. Of course, this was dire. Do we have sd's visor? What? He hung up on her. Three calls for a visor at after 10:00pm? Even funnier, the next day there is a message on VM that she found it in her car. Whatever :)

4)Today: the straw that makes me need a strong drink :) We have plans tonight. We are going to a baseball game. BM knows this. She has known this for a while because we asked (without the kids knowledge) if they could go and she said no. We bought the tickets. Guess what message is on our home voicemail when I called to check? The skids can go and she told them and they are sooooo excited. Hmmm...obviously, I bought the tickets already. So I return her call and tell her this and tell her even if I could get three tickets, they would be nowhere near ours. To which she says, "Well XXX (my husband) can sit with OUR kids and you can sit with yours (since I have two and could sit in the other three seats with them)". I started to tell her no and next time, give us ONE answer or at least call and see if they can still go if she changes her mind. But at this point, sorry about your luck. Not to mention, I bought the tickets a while back and got first base line tickets for us. Now, the other three would be in the upper deck, nosebleed. So I called her bluff. I offered to buy FOUR tickets in the other section and she or her husband could take them so they aren't disappointed :) Needless to say, she was stunned. Now, it is all back on her. If the kids don't go, it is her decision. I told her to let me know by four and I will meet her at the ticket window at a set time and buy the tickets.

There was no way she was twisting this into another one of her "let's split the family" trips. If they don't go, it is all on her. If she does, it will be well worth the extra $25 ticket to keep the skids from getting hurt in her game.

Whewwwww! I feel better getting it off my chest. We are going camping this weekend Saturday and Sunday alone. This is the skids weekend with their mom in her extended visitation ane my kids are with their dad. My ex jokingly told me to leave my h's cell with him :) Maybe I should :) LOL!

If she put 1/2 the effort in getting along that she does in the drama......

It is not in the stars to hold
our destiny but in ourselves.
~William Shakespeare

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 02/06/05
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Re: Have you ever just been tired of the crap? [Re: EmC]
      #18101 - 06/23/05 01:21 PM

I just can't imagine dealing with that kind of crap...what the heck does her husband have to say about all this??? She needs some serious therapy.

Faith-a f*rm belief in something for which there is no proof...complete trust.~Merriam Webster

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old hand

Reged: 05/28/05
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Re: Have you ever just been tired of the crap? [Re: EmC]
      #18103 - 06/23/05 01:25 PM

ok.... #4... THAT was just plain INGENIOUS. And to think of it on the fly no less!!! I am in awe! I bow down to you,

What IS it with these people? My SD's Mom does the SAME crap. 10 messages in a few hours span. Either NO MESSAGE left on the voicemail of just, "call me, it's important." Response: THEN LEAVE A MESSAGE SAYING WHAT IT IS

If she doens't leave a message stating specifically why she called, he doesn't call her back. You'd think after years of this, she'd figure it out. NOPE. They do have not only an agreement but a COURT ORDER stating no phone calls unless it is an emergency. In all these years and all those calls, there has yet to actually BE an emergency.

She got FLAMING mad because he got a new phone # at work. He still had the old one but it goes to his VM, not his desk. So she can't call his desk just his VM at work. (they aren't allowed to have personal calls and she can't seem to "get that") So she calls one day, THREE TIMES, all prior to 7:30 AM. His computer was blipping messages as she was paging him on there too. I finally answer the phone. She was mad at him because he refused to let her have their SD for Thanksgiving Dady (it was his year, they alternate). She had plans and she felt they were more important then our plans and as with your BM... "she already told D that she could go with them." AFTER he already told her NO. So she was calling because she was mad and wanted to yell at him. That was the big emergency. So she tells me, "Give me the number to his desk." I said simly, "No. Email him, he checks it every 5 min or leave him a VM. He'll be home for lunch in a few hours and I'll tell him you called." She was PISSED. Yelling and screaming at me, "I have a RIGHT to know where he is and be able to contact him at all times." Then she launched into a tirade about how she was going to get a court order ordering him to get a cell phone that she had the number too, etc. Yea RIGHT! Go for it lady. She didn't. She is so unreasonable.

Every storm cloud has a silver lining. Will you capitalize on it or b*tch about the storm?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/02/05
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I agree [Re: Moi]
      #18115 - 06/23/05 01:56 PM

That was perfect, I wish I were that quick.

Let us know what she decides.

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