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Reged: 11/16/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #601727 - 11/19/09 01:59 PM

Who was saying anything about financial gains? I, myself, do quite well for myself.....retired armed forces, and am in a very well paying profession. I was just stating that she is a very well rounded and grounded woman, and I screwed my relationship up! Neither her or I benefitted financially from each wise we complimented each other quite well!

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Reged: 07/25/06
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #602044 - 11/20/09 10:22 AM

Well, if neither of you benefitted financially from the other, then the only thing you have to complain about is your lost relationship ?

Grow the f*ck up, people on this forum have a lot bigger problems than you...Pardon me if I don't feel very sorry for you. Hope fully your next relationship will be a normal hostile divorce, so you get to experience some real pain and anger.

You sound like a high school kid who broke up with his girlfriend. Booo hoooo....

"Anything free is worth what you pay for it..."
"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get"

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Reged: 11/16/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #602112 - 11/20/09 12:07 PM

Had a "hositle" one years ago, thank you very much! You evidently are a scorned person who has nothing better to do than judge others due to your shortcomings! I feel real sorry for you! Your use of the english language, Fornicating Under a Crowned King (by the way thats what that word really means), really shows your maturity level, especially on a board like this.

If you have taken the time to read my threads you would have seen I am not looking for any sympathy at all, just voicing an opinion on what I did wrong!

My apology goes out to all others who read this board for help and advice! I never intended to attract responses like the last few!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 11/25/06
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #602128 - 11/20/09 12:23 PM

Eh, yregna is our resident idiot. Just ignore him or have fun with him. What do you expect from someone whose screen name is "angry" spelled backwards? Okay, technically, it's "angery" spelled backwards, so I rest my case about the resident idiot thing.

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Reged: 11/03/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: Sherron]
      #602138 - 11/20/09 12:52 PM

I find the best way to deal with forum trolls is to ignore them completely, since they are not worthy of any acknowledgment in the first place. To each his own, I guess.

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Reged: 11/16/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: Atlas]
      #602139 - 11/20/09 12:53 PM

Thanks, and enough said about and to him!

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Reged: 11/06/09
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Loc: Eastern PA
Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #602190 - 11/20/09 02:29 PM

I would say approach her NOW. I have had a previous relationship (not marriage) where I was hurt very deeply - my first real, true love. Over 15 years later, he contacted me to apologize for how he treated me and that all he hopes is that I am happy because I deserve that. It meant SO much to me that he did that.

And my ex husband did the same thing - admitted his regrets after year of being divorced. It was too late - I had moved on (and he was living with the girl he cheated with). However, being the "good person" and the one that tried, it is SO nice to hear that is at least appreciated now and that you didn't deserve to be treated in a bad way.

So, I say reach out to her to tell her what you now know. It may obviously be too late to get her back, but it is never too late to mend any leftover tears in her heart.

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Reged: 05/21/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: DRose]
      #602331 - 11/20/09 09:19 PM

I am a woman, even though if I move on, I would very much like to hear from my ex, if he realizes what he has done to us and our family. It will help me to move on in peace. So if you say she was a good woman, then leat you can do is apologise to her....

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Reged: 11/16/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: idiot2006]
      #602336 - 11/20/09 09:26 PM

Thanks for the advice ladies! Yes, I know in my heart I need to apologize and will in the very near future. I just have to figure out if it will be in person, phone, email, or letter......but I will!

Thanks again!

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Reged: 09/26/09
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Re: Life "NOT GREENER" [Re: myheart]
      #604017 - 11/25/09 08:05 PM

I would have put up with it forever too as I loved him like no tomorrow!! But he walked out and I didn't hear from him in over six months so that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me..

Until he blew back into town and was standing in the yard one day with his dog.... the feelings came rushing back!!

He told me he was staying at his mom's house and was basically "homeless" but I stood my badly as I wanted him back and still loved him..I wasn't going there again!!

He'd stop over all the time and we'd just talk out in the yard. I invited him into the house once..and he just said, "No...too many memories...we're better off out here.."

It was the weekend of his birthday that he texted me and told me that he'd had the worst birthday of his life..that he'd gone down to the bar that he and I used to hang out in..he'd taken his girlfriend...and people were just not accepting of it.

He stopped over later to talk about it some more and I just told him, "Hon..those are OUR friends down there...they've been OUR friends for 23 can't just be taking the [censored] you screwed around on me with and expect them to accept her!!"

He says, "Yeah..I know..guess I just wasn't thinking.."

I just said, "Well..I'm sorry they ruined your birthday..yet I'm not sorry that they ruined HER night...take her to some skanky ass hole in the'd fit her better.."

I gave him a hug and as he kissed the top of my head he said to me, "I love you....and I really really miss US.."

I told him, "I love you too babe..but you have to make up your mind where you wanna BE in life.."

The weeks we talked, he told me that she hated his dog and wanted him to get rid of it...that she wanted him to move back down to California with her and answer phones for her stupid Naked Massage Service (isn't THAT a hoot??") He told me that she was gonna pay him $350 bucks a week to book appts.

WOW...that's a dream job!!

One afternoon he'd told me that he wasn't a California guy at all...that it was hotter than crap down there in the Summer..that there was NO grass anywhere down there..

When he was back HERE...he was hanging out with old friends..back shooting pool league..brought his dog over here and we'd laugh and joke about old times in addition to new ones!! He told me, "Yeah..I really dug a hole for us..and I'd like to make amends somehow.."

I KNEW he loved hanging out here..even if it WAS just in the yard. We'd talk for hours and he'd bring stuff up about his current girlfriend..and I'd say, "She just doesn't GET you AT ALL...why you're with her..I don't know..but that's YOUR business.." and he said, "Yeah..the only person that seems to get me is you.."

Yep!! As he came here one day and told me was moving back down to California with her...probably for two years.."

I said, "What about all your friends here? What about your pool that you love so much? Is there anything like THAT down there?" and he says, "Well no.." and then I said, "Well...if that's what's gonna make you happy..I just want you to know then..that I'm gonna go down and file for's time we got this over and done with..I can't sit around and wait for you anymore to make up your mind.."

He just said, "That's fine, I guess. If that's what you want.."

I told him that it wasn't what I wanted at all..but he'd been sitting on the with his girlfriend..coming back to town and actually making something of himself..only to give it all up for HER?? I told him he was crazy!!

He said to me, "Yeah..I're the only person in my life that really "got me" and we get along better now than we did our entire marriage. Maybe once the divorce is final..and all the money pressures are off from us..maybe we can start over together..."

I didn't say a word...thinking that I'd moved on with a terrific guy...and then I find out that MY terrific guy was going back to his ex. was a double whammy!! The grass ISN'T greener on the other side..and when the both of them come crying back to me that they made the wrong decision..they I was the only one that ever "got them" completely...well, they can just sit and spin!!

I'd rather be single and happy!!

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