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Reged: 06/03/05
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Lottery Winnings
      #781299 - 03/31/12 01:56 PM

If any of you had won the big jackpot, would you have shared with your ex, or if the ex had custody, upgraded their standard of living?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 08/20/06
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781300 - 03/31/12 02:19 PM

Lol....hell no. If say my wife had won, there's no way we would have upgraded her ex's life. Sh!t, when my father died, I had to ensure that any $$$ kept in my name only, no comingling of funds to ensure that her ex never attempted to claim that increase in assets as a ploy to get us to cover a higher % of SD's college costs.

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Reged: 06/03/05
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: spinnerdegrassi]
      #781301 - 03/31/12 02:26 PM

I agree with you Spinner.

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Reged: 07/07/10
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Loc: Pacific Northwest
Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781303 - 03/31/12 03:26 PM

The only way my sk's bm would benefit is if she visited in the home I would buy for my sd or ss but my stepchildren are adults so there would be no reason (or want) to upgrade her life to benefit that of the children.

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Reged: 01/27/11
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: annieo]
      #781307 - 03/31/12 07:21 PM

I have no ex's or kids, but I would have given $15 million to my parents, $20 million to my brother and the rest would have been ALL MINE, ALL MINE ALL MINE!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 11/07/10
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781327 - 04/01/12 08:21 AM

Hmm... Probably not paid to my ex directly, although.. I can't say for sure I wouldn't. I would probably pay off his IRS debt. In terms of upgrading standard of living in general? No. However, I would pay off my ex-inlaw's house, which, since ex lives there and that's where dd stays, is by extension, helping "him".

I thought about this question a bit.. and that's what I came up with. Might seem weird to pay the ex-INlaw's house but, I can say that I'm very fortunate that they, even during the height of the move situation, NEVER showed a hint of ill will. In fact, just the opposite, I think exSFIL made sure he conveyed his concern for ME.

Ex's mother is still battling the stage IV ovarian. Ex's SF has health issues out the ass. They've had a long, hard, devastating life. And as much as they go through THEMSELVES, they are taking care of everyone around them. If I were homeless tomorrow, and had nowhere else to go, I'd be welcome to live in their home. Not even a remote question. One other seemingly little thing also weighs heavily... a few days after dd's last visit, she said something about Grandma saying I was a very nice person.. and something about making muffins and I make really really good muffins. LOL. I've made her muffins ONCE, before ex and I were even married. So going back.. 7, 8 years? I had trouble remembering it, but apparently it was quite the discussion because dd had the whole thing down, the event, etc etc. And she's right, I did remember. I made them for our first Christmas breakfast. Shocked exMIL remembers.

They're good people.. they deserve a break. I'd probably pay any outstanding medical bills they had from either exSFIL or exMIL. I can't imagine how much they must owe at this point :(

Ex probably wouldn't ACCEPT any money. He just wouldn't be comfortable with that at all. The IRS debt, I would pay without involving him at all, wouldn't be anything he could do about it.

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Reged: 04/05/07
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781330 - 04/01/12 09:26 AM

Shared with the Ex. ~~~ NO WAY!

Both my DD and SS would have Trusts set up for them and get only certain alloted amounts distributed per year. That way there is NO WAY thier "other parent" could take that money from them.

Both Ex's in our case would surely guilt the kids and try to get what they could from them. No matter what age they happen to be. Sad to say, but is reality.

If you have a problem, build a bridge and get over it!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/01/08
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: KrazyKat]
      #781333 - 04/01/12 10:07 AM

I wouldn't share a dime with my ex. As far as I know he's perfectly healthy and capable of taking care of his own business. It helps we don't have any kids. No ties there at all.

The BM? No way. Her standard of living is her choice. Anyone who walks away from a degree with one class to go, complains about being broke, but shows no inclination to improve her own situation in life? She gets absolutely NOTHING.

Scratch that, she already GETS more than she deserves - we shoulder the entire responsibility for raising her two boys on our own. The "gift" of not having to do a damn thing and still get to play MOTY is all I'm willing to give her.

If a person is already financially irresponsible with a reasonable amount of money, dropping more money on them isn't going to make them any better, it'll just give them more money to waste.

Marriage doesn't come with a money-back guarantee.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/01/04
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Loc: Third rock from the sun
Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781336 - 04/01/12 12:20 PM

would you have shared with your ex

---> No. Hell no. Hell fvcking NO! After the crap he did, I wouldn't piss down his throat if his guts were on fire!

or if the ex had custody, upgraded their standard of living

---> Not voluntarily (see above), but unfortunately, it would have been a by-product of my child support going up.

If you air your dirty linen in public, expect people to comment on the skid marks!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/03/05
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Re: Lottery Winnings [Re: Sadie]
      #781351 - 04/01/12 09:03 PM

No. My x and I get along rather well but no I would not give him part of the winnings or help him financially in any way. I doubt he'd do it for me either.

When we were together, you said you'd die for me. Now, I think it's time you kept your promise.

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