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Carpal \'Tunnel

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OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery
      #784067 - 04/30/12 12:57 PM

"Kindergartner Charged with Battery. Why Are We Criminalizing Kids?"

Some excerpts from the article:

- When a six-year-old boy kicked his school principal last week, the school called in police, not parents.

The student had already been suspended for kicking and biting another official, when he allegedly threatened a teacher and kicked Principal Pat Lumbley. This time, the child was placed in police custody and charged with battery and intimidation.

- "Everyone suffers when adults don't have the skills and support to manage unsafe or respectful behavior such as kicking and tantrums effectively," Irene van der Zande, executive director and founder of Kidpower, tells Shine. Her California-based non-profit program helps schools and parents teach kids safety, respect and tolerance independent of police intervention.

But many school officials feel law enforcement is the only place to turn for help. The rapid increase in school shootings since the Columbine tragedy has left administrators scrambling for better safety measures. Overcrowding, financial cutbacks and access to weapons in the information age are all conditions of new generation and a system struggling to adapt to it. As a result a higher percentage of students between the ages of 12 and 18, say they're more afraid of attack or harm at school than away from school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. In 2010, 85 percent of public schools cited incidents of violence, theft, and other criminal activity. That same year, 60 percent of schools called in police for backup.

- Advocates of school policing believe crackdowns send a message to the student body, and help keep large underage populations in check and safe. Principal Lumbley feels he protected the rest of his elementary school's student body by having a 6-year-old student arrested. But critics say those punitive measures are really designed to protect teachers.

"Teachers rely on the police to enforce discipline," Kady Simpkins, a juvenile defense lawyer, told The Guardian. "Part of it is that they're not accountable. They're not going to get into trouble for it. The parent can't come in and yell at them. They say: it's not us, it's the police."

- "Kids who have trouble behaving well in school can almost always be turned around with preparation, [censored], respectful interventions, and a plan of action that gets school officials and parents working together as a team," Kidpower's van der Zande tells Shine. "When adults overreact, the harm done is not only to the child involved but also to other children who witness this."

What do you all think?

shine.y a h o

If you air your dirty linen in public, expect people to comment on the skid marks!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Re: OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery [Re: Gecko]
      #784068 - 04/30/12 01:12 PM

I think it's a GREAT idea!! See FARRRRR too many children these days who do NOT know how to keep their hands to themselves.

I don't agree with the "it's to protect teachers". No, what happens when the little brat decides to beat on a classmate or two? Or brings in a knife and stabs one? Or a gun and shoots them?

I also don't agree with the "the harm down.. but also to other children who witness this" statement. I think it's a GREAT thing for other children to see. RAMIFICATIONS FOR POOR BEHAVIOR! This isn't a JOKE. It's SERIOUS. I don't think enough kids today FEAR adults.. meaning, that there ARE ramifications to shyt you do. Period. I know, speaking for my own child (which granted is JUST MINE), she DEFINITELY notices how other children behave and how they are handled. The screaming, tantrummy child, she recognizes as her OWN former self and will notice when a parent is NOT handling the child. "they're not very good parents" she'll say. She notices it among her friends, which kids are OBVIOUSLY not being parented. And it's RAMPANT. Sorry folks. It is. The vast majority of kids are being raised either with next to no parental intervention of a healthy sort OR they're being raised to be overindulgent, spoiled, technologically-addicted BRATS.

Kudos to this school for making an example out of this kid! MORE should do it!!!! My daughter's school drives me NUTS.. they have this "reward" system. Rewarding kids for totally bullshyt "good behavior" (umm, you did what you were SUPPOSED to do!) and I haven't seen a lot done for BAD behavior (dd has at least two HIGHLY disruptive kids in her class.. the little girl who has screaming fits and threatens to walk home to her mother and such). It's crazy. They'd go a lot farther disciplining the bad behavior, making an example out of it, than this bullshyt/bogus "reward for showing up" crap they do.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Re: OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery [Re: Gecko]
      #784069 - 04/30/12 01:20 PM

Well, it appears that they have tried the parent route with the LAST teacher that the child kicked and bit, so that only leaves the legal route.

Why give a "senior" discount, they have had plenty of time to raise the money...

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Re: OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery [Re: gr8Dad]
      #784120 - 04/30/12 07:43 PM

"The vast majority of kids are being raised either with next to no parental intervention of a healthy sort OR they're being raised to be overindulgent, spoiled, technologically-addicted BRATS."

I do not think it is the "vast majority"

My son also comments on other children's behavior and asks why they act that way. I just tell him that they must not be getting discipline and consistent parenting at home so they do not know how to behave. He has answered with "doesn't his mom and dad want him to behave"

I have to admit that my son has a lot of technology available to him but he also has parents that have no problem taking those privileges away. I do not think a child is spoiled just because they have "everything" spoiled is from not having boundaries and then not having consequences for when those boundaries are crossed. Of course all this requires tuned-in parents who actually raise their child(ren).

I have no problem with the police being called; teachers lost control of their classrooms a long time ago and parents are a large part of that with "How dare you speak to my child that way, how dare you punish my child, how dare you not give my child what they want" regardless of not earning the "what" schools no longer have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place - now everyone gets a ribbon and on and on....

Teachers are afraid of the students and parents are afraid of their children - society is reaping what they have sown so if getting the police involved early on has an effect on the situation then call the police.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Re: OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery [Re: Gecko]
      #784199 - 05/01/12 09:49 PM

I think if parents took the time to parent there wouldn't be kids in school acting that way. Teachers shouldn't have to put up with that even once and it should have been the parents that taught the kid it's not ok. It's obvious the teacher is not the first person he assaulted. He has done it to at least one of his parents and gotten away with it so he thinks it's ok.

My kids are far from perfect but not one of them would have ever evn thought of lashing out at a teacher or authority figure. My 4 yo just spent a week on punishment not that long ago for being verbally mean to her friends at daycare. She'd never speak like that to one of her teachers or she'd be blowing bubbles for a couple of days. She knows that.

I say good for the school for not putting up with it.

When we were together, you said you'd die for me. Now, I think it's time you kept your promise.

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Re: OT - Kindergartner Charged with Battery [Re: Debi]
      #784234 - 05/02/12 10:55 AM

We have had Kinders kick, hit, bite teachers, throw desks/books/trash cans, takes FIVE people to get them out of the room and down the hall. And these are NOT the Special kids.

I WISH we could call the cops on them!!

John Constantine: God's a kid with an ant farm.... He's not planning anything.

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