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Re: Too long?
      05/16/07 07:40 AM


Interesting thread. First of all neither parent is naturally better than the other. One poster stated that it's unhealthy for kids to be without their mom. What is it about a vagina that automatically makes a mom better than a dad? Give me a break!

Being a dad that has spent many hours with attorneys and many days in court fighting my my rights, I am shocked that the dad in this case even allowed the child to move in the first place! If he really wanted his daughter, he could have had her when the mom moved away.

Mykidsdad- What you will find on this board is that a lot of women (certainly not all) think ALL men are degenerate miscreants, who do nothing but beat their wives, jump in the car and have sex with the nearest prostitute, come home, ignore or beat their kids and then drink until they pass out. And of course, are the ONLY proper parent for a child.

You will also find some men (though not all) who think all women are "legal" hookers, who sole desire is to spit out kids, go on welfare, live off of their ex's, have sex with the plumber, and coldly calculate how to best drive their ex to the insane asylum.

There are radicals (translations:truly pissed of and somehow screwed) on both sides..The truth is we are all somewhere in between that..hehe..

Some here are seriously pissed off and vengeful (female or male). Mothers are NOT better parents than Fathers, nor are Fathers always better providers than Mothers. The truth is there is not all that much difference. The other awful truth is case law does not see it that way. Most statutes are careful to never to mention Mother or Father, yet the overwhelming majority (I've read 94% but who's somewhere close and no where near 50%) of mothers receive custody. And fathers often are severely restricted in contact with their children, hence "Disney Dads" or worse yet, DeadBeat Dads. Neither child custody nor child support is fair to anyone, but mostly to the children. The parents hate for each other spills over into the custody/cs decisions, with one attacking and the other retaliating and so one and so forth. The only winners in this are the lawyers. Hey, it's big business for both them and the state. And who makes state laws? Typically lawyers who have decided to become representatives (and hence will someday return to law practice) and who decides the laws? Lawyers who become judges (and although unlikely, could someday return to practive). In addition, anyone who doesn't believe the lawyers/representatives/judges is an old boys (and womans) club is out of their mind. All of the laws (case or others) just simply happen to increase the earning potential of lawyers??? Ya, right, sure.

If all this was done in the "best interest" of the children, it wouldnt be done this way. It wouldn't even need lawyers. It would be handled by psychologists and financial planners before it ever hit the court room, but lawyers have a way of getting their clients "all worked up" which translates to billable hours. They are at times the true deadbeats in all of this.

One more thing, you will find 6 or 7 women on the board are NCP's. This is the exception rather than the rule. It's pretty safe to say there are so many here because they are pissed about losing their kids when a vast majority of women do in fact get their kids. They have no other outlet to be continually pissed off (which is natural, as aNYONE who loses their kids is pissed) because their peer group is limited at best. So they come here and stick around. That's ok. Some of them are real sensible Mom's who care about their kids and lost.

As an example, State divorce rates and other vital statistics are maintained by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The divorce rate measure used is the number of divorces per thousand population. A 1995 NCHS reports (Illlinois for example, that men are awarded sole custody 8.7% of the time, women 77.4% and joint cusotdy is awarded 13.7% of the time. These aren't stats pulled out someones butt, but DHS numbers. And typically, with joint custody, the mother has primary physical custody.

While there might be 6 women here that are NCP's, that is exactly six more than I actually know in real life, and I know a TON of divorced people..


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