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Lawyer Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Severability of agreement by TJMH @ Yesterday at 02:38 PM

It sounds like it's your plan rules that won't allow you to take a withdrawal. That's not law, so I'm not sure whether that would make the clause severable or not. It might be worth asking the plan people, if you had a court order (QDRO) would that a
Lawyer Issues
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Spousal Support/Alimony
Jump to new posts Re: Alimony Unemployed Spouse by TJMH @ 10/16/17 04:21 PM

He can't be forced to get a job, but you probably can have income "imputed" based on his ability to work and availability of jobs. Almost certainly he'd be imputed with minimum wage, and possibly more based on whatever education and experie
Florida Issues
Jump to new posts Re: FL laws question wrt to adult children? by kenpatric @ 10/16/17 11:06 AM

Well, I couldn't really give you the legal advice now but here are some tips to keep the harm as less as possible. 1. Emails/ messages that are just attention-seeking, rants, or expressions of self-aggrandizement must be ignored. Address only issu
Financial Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Divorcing a Self-Employed Spouse by MinnesotaMom @ 10/16/17 04:26 AM

If you referring to income, judges go by previous year's tax returns.
Child Support
Jump to new posts Re: NC Child Support by MinnesotaMom @ 10/16/17 04:22 AM

You can't really file until you don't live together anymore, but the courts make it retroactive to the date you file. Is he on the birth certificate?

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