New York State - Emancipation Issues

Posted by: JoanOfArk

New York State - Emancipation Issues - 11/17/17 02:32 AM

My X owes me more than $200k (Judgment, not arrears). He's been to jail, twice for non-payment. After beating him at every turn, hes kept up his payments for the last seven years. Now all our kids can be emancipated and hes suing me in Monroe County. Hes got a big time lawyer. The judge is some new magistrate. Sarah something... My lawyer has taken care of things before, and he not as confident he can take care of this magistrate. Does anyone have an angle I can use to get the magistrate to order support past the age of 21? My X has a ton of money he's hiding, but I can't find it. If she orders support, I can put him in jail if he doens't keep paying. Got him fired from 2 previous jobs, but he still manages to sneak $2k a month from somewhere. So I know he's got money. Any hints would be much appreciated.
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Re: New York State - Emancipation Issues - 11/17/17 05:05 AM

I have all kinds of information that would help you, but I will never help someone that has been instrumental in getting someone fired from 2 jobs and whose goal is to put their ex in jail.

I'm 100% rooting for your ex. They can't be worse than you.
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Re: New York State - Emancipation Issues - 11/17/17 02:52 PM

I got him fired because he's a liar, a thief and a piss pour dad with nothing of value to contribute to the lives of my girls. The ONLY thing he was ever good for was paying support for these girls. For whom I have given EVERYTHING. I made sure he's not been in their lives, to protect them. He's a piece of garbage. I hate him for what he's done and I find nothing wrong with giving him what he gave me. I had to call the police on him over 100 times from 2001 to 2003, just to put him in his place! The torment he put us all through, even made his pastor to order him to leave the house. So don't judge me until you know the facts. Just because hes kept his nose clean and moved to a different state, doesn't mean that hes not the same SOB that put us all through the horrors that still scar my children to this day.
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Re: New York State - Emancipation Issues - 11/17/17 02:59 PM

I came to this forum for help. My mother is near death. My current husband is a saint and needs me now, more than ever. (He's fighting MS.) IF these support payments stop, then we will have to sell our home, and the lives and memories of our children will be lost. In order to keep the standard of living my kids deserve, he needs to pay his fair share. $200k + in judgments, proves that he owes my children a debt that must be paid. If he was a decent person, I wouldn't have left him. It's his bed and he needs to pay up for all the stupid junk he's put this family through. Sorry. A little emotional. Thanks for letting me vent. I am a mother of four young women who need me and they need their bio-dad to keep paying.
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Re: New York State - Emancipation Issues - 11/17/17 05:46 PM

Sorry, regardless of your circumstances, the free ride doesn't last forever. It appears you've had years to better yourself financially to prepare for the inevitable.

If you are owed $200K by court order, then some type of payment should continue. Just because the children are emancipated at 21 doesn't make a judgement go away.

Beyond that, nobody should ever make their lifestyle dependent on the payments that may or may not come. I wish you well.