Posted by: LIMT

Clueless - 10/12/16 01:04 AM

I filed for divorce about a year ago and I have no idea what to do. My husband relapsed from drugs and left over a year ago. I have no idea where he is. Last I heard he was on the streets doing drugs. He visits his mom occasionally so I sent the divorce papers there. I have no idea if he go them or not but I'm pretty sure he didn't sign them. What do I do now?
Posted by: TJMH

Re: Clueless - 10/12/16 05:34 PM

I'm pretty sure you can get a no-fault divorce without cooperation from your husband, but you'll probably need a lawyer to walk you through the steps.

It may be possible to represent yourself and do a lot of the legwork (filing papers with the court, etc.) with a lawyer advising you rather than representing you--this might be a lower cost route than having the lawyer do everything for you.

Initial consult with a lawyer is usually free so if I were in your shoes that would be my next step, and soon.