My Ex is making me live an episode of Maury Povich

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My Ex is making me live an episode of Maury Povich - 01/12/16 05:40 PM

Where do I even start? I have questions and need to vent... so here goes..
The Background: Met and started dating soon to be Ex in 2006, he was in the processing of divorcing The Beast (TB). They had 2 children together 6 and 4 at the time. We get married at the end of 07, have a son together in 2010, September of 2014 everything goes to hell... we had huge fight on September 21st, he and TB are back in a relationship (facebook official) on 9/26. Shocking to say the very least, between 2006 and 2014 they were in court numerous times for custody/support etc. She has a drug problem, my stepkids lived with over a dozen men in that time frame, changed schools etc. The absolute horror of dealing with her was certainly a factor in our divorce.

He moved out of the house the 3rd week of September 2014, paid child support for approximately 6 weeks and then stopped, we had an amicable visitation schedule for the most part until April of 2015, they broke up for a weekend, he informed me that she was a drug addict (my stepson had been telling us for years) and when he took her back 3 days later I told him that I couldn't allow our son to spend overnights with him unless they stayed somewhere else (his mom's etc) because I didn't feel that it was safe for our son. He has not attempted to see him since. He hasn't attempted to speak to him via telephone at all since that time frame; he did call on his birthday over the summer. He won't answer any of my calls or texts.

I originally filed (Maryland) in March of 2015, using Adultery as the basis for my request for Absolute divorce. I find it illogical to think that there wasn't a relationship when they were back together so quickly. I requested a fee waiver and was denied. Refiled in June and had him served via certified mail, he never responded. Had writ of summons reissued and served him in September, he never responded. Filed and was granted a default request in November. Default hearing last week of December and guess who showed up? Him, and her AND my (minor) stepkids! He informs the court that he's been diagnosed with Severe Depression and was advised by his therapist to have no contact with our son or myself until divorce was finalized, also told the court that he takes multiple prescription medication to treat the depression as well as a sedative but “still only sleep about 1 hour per night” judge couldn't grant the default because adultery was listed and he didn’t admit under oath to being in a sexual relationship (I should have asked point blank, lesson learned). Judge tells me to refile under 12 month separation, tells him to file an answer and come back with information on his medical conditions because he has concerns about the safety of children in his care (as do I!!!), orders mediation and sends us on our way.
I have attempted to schedule the mediation, playing phone and e-mail tag with the court appointed mediator. He never filed his response and has not reached out to the mediator. Our next default hearing is scheduled for 2/10. What can I do to ensure that this goes through this time? What if he won’t go to mediation?
Sorry for the way long post…
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Re: My Ex is making me live an episode of Maury Povich - 01/24/17 01:24 PM

You would have been divorced by now if you filed for divorce by irreconcilable differences. Fault divorces take time and money with the same end result.