Divorce/ "INSANITY" question, please!

Posted by: blufysh

Divorce/ "INSANITY" question, please! - 09/23/16 02:37 AM


In a 16 yr Mississippi marriage, my spouse, for several years, has been in bad mental health (no psychoses, or abuse, etc.. just very bad depression, anxiety, PTSD.)

I don't THINK these are classified as my spouse being "insane" or these issues being "incurable." They have NOT lasted our entire marriage, and these are not the reasons that I want a divorce (UNLESS these count as "INCURABLE INSANITY")

Is the general consensus in MS, that these ARE "INCURABLE INSANITY"?

Wouldn't that mean that whenever a spouse went through a bout of, say, Postpartum Depression, or has OCD, or PTSD, that I could DIVORCE THEM on these grounds - and it be THEIR FAULT?

I guess, what does the MS definition of "Incurable Insanity" as related to FAULT GROUNDS, really mean?

How do they decide what IS "INCURABLE INSANITY"?

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Re: Divorce/ "INSANITY" question, please! - 09/24/16 06:12 PM

Permanently institutionalized.

Forget the fault grounds using this...won't work.
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Re: Divorce/ "INSANITY" question, please! - 09/25/16 05:03 PM

In MS you can get a no fault divorce. That would be my recommendation. Based on my personal experience... If you try to go the route you're asking about, you're very likely to get stuck paying lifetime support of your ex based on the fact that he/she has these conditions (That is what happened in our case with my spouses Ex).

Several things will come into play with these issues:

It will depend on the severity of the conditions.

If they are documented and diagnosed by a qualified physician.

If the Ex is currently under a physicians care for these issues.

If the Ex can/will work or is working.

Tread lightly with getting the courts involved, because you could end up in a big mess dealing with the financial support of the Ex for the rest of both of your lives. Trust me I know!!!!!