Parental alienation

Posted by: Moonbeam318

Parental alienation - 01/12/17 02:23 AM

I recently left my controlling husband of nearly 15 years. We have 2 sons who were at first very sad and angry about this split. My youngest seemed to understand more than my oldest, but they both said they love me and could never hate me. When I left, I took my sons with me and a couple of days later, their dad came to get them. Ever since, he and his family have been filling the boys' heads with what they believe to be the truth about me (i.e. told them I cheated on their dad, etc), thus alienating them from me. Ex refused to make custody arrangements with me. We are now in a nasty custody dispute, implementing a week to week custody order. My boys were appointed a GAL who, after meeting with them 2x, reported to the judge that their opinion of me is low and that the opinions they shared sounded like they came from adults, not kids their ages. Anyone have any experience with kids being counseled in a case like this? My boys and I have always been very close and I fear that our relationship is forever ruined because of my ex and his family's ignorance and childish behavior.
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Re: Parental alienation - 01/24/17 01:30 PM

You opened pandora's box by telling the kids things you shouldn't have. Kids should NEVER know the negative things about either parent. Since kids identify with their parents, anything bad they know about them hurts their self-esteem among other things.

Your ex responded with the same poison.

Now you have 2 confused, messed up kids.

From a legal view, status quo usually prevails. If you are alternating weeks now, expect it remain so.