Land Selling Issue

Posted by: StressedinWV

Land Selling Issue - 07/09/13 03:17 AM

Recently divorced. Divorce papers state that land must be sold by the sellers and equally divided, Or I can buy his half out for $26,080.00 within in 6 months after which time if niether happens it goes to a realestate company for sale.

Question I have is; I have a buyer willing to buy the land and give him his $26,080.00 but he wont sign the papers. What are my legal options at this time? I just want to be rid of this situation and move on with my new life.
Posted by: oldsmom

Re: Land Selling Issue - 07/07/15 10:31 PM

Is the buyer buying the property for $52,160, or more? If it's more, then he is due 50%. Period. He has a right to not sign if he suspects the sale is for more than the $26,080.

If the house is selling for $52k or less, then he could be held in contempt if you take him back to court.

Best to consult with an attorney.