Should I leave my wife?

Posted by: Lance

Should I leave my wife? - 12/26/17 07:17 PM

I'm not sure why I ask this question because I already know the answer. I've been a flawed husband, but even in bad times I've always showed love and support for my wife.

My wife has always been extremely cold and uncaring. Even with our kids. I don't think she has a nurturing bone in her body. She is extremely high strung and quick to anger. She is also extremely unhappy.

Against my better judgment, I bought my wife her 'dream home' even though it was overpriced and in an area that I wasn't especially crazy about. While I knew that buying the house would be a mistake, I didn't realize just how big a mistake it would truly turn out to be.

I have failed my wife. I have failed to make her happy and I am tired of her constant abrasiveness, lack of affection and lack of support.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Should I leave my wife? - 12/27/17 08:31 PM

Whether you leave or not is up to you, but know it's not your job to make her happy. If she's unhappy, that's on her.