Should I leave my wife?

Posted by: Lance

Should I leave my wife? - 12/26/17 07:17 PM

I'm not sure why I ask this question because I already know the answer. I've been a flawed husband, but even in bad times I've always showed love and support for my wife.

My wife has always been extremely cold and uncaring. Even with our kids. I don't think she has a nurturing bone in her body. She is extremely high strung and quick to anger. She is also extremely unhappy.

Against my better judgment, I bought my wife her 'dream home' even though it was overpriced and in an area that I wasn't especially crazy about. While I knew that buying the house would be a mistake, I didn't realize just how big a mistake it would truly turn out to be.

I have failed my wife. I have failed to make her happy and I am tired of her constant abrasiveness, lack of affection and lack of support.
Posted by: MinnesotaMom

Re: Should I leave my wife? - 12/27/17 08:31 PM

Whether you leave or not is up to you, but know it's not your job to make her happy. If she's unhappy, that's on her.
Posted by: kenpatric

Re: Should I leave my wife? - 01/24/18 06:51 AM

If someone is not happy with himself, he/she wouldn't be happy with anyone either.

I'm not sure but I highly doubt things may still work out if you involve a psychiatrist or psychologist to really make sure if it something that can be treated with therapy or something. Worth a shot.
Posted by: ChristATL

Re: Should I leave my wife? - 02/28/18 03:17 PM

Lance your in the same situation, or similar situation, that I am in. I have been married for 15 years and even though I have done quite a few things wrong my current wife is also the same as you described. Very angry all the time and abrasive towards well, everyone and everything. That's the short summary of it.

I too am clearly flawed and I am admitting to my failures. The difference here is that I acknowledge my flaws where my wife will not, will never, or ever.

I think hearing your story has giving me hope because I have fallen into that trap of thinking I am the only one going through this, but hearing just a small portion of what you are experiencing makes me realize I am not.
I personally think after much research on the subject that while it stinks, its probably time.

Thank you and keep us informed.