Looking for lawyer advice in Los Angeles area

Posted by: vairvert

Looking for lawyer advice in Los Angeles area - 10/06/17 07:23 PM

Hello I'm new here. First time divorce issue. My wife and I are separated voluntarily and have been talking about legal seperation or divorce. We have two minor children. We have been seeing each other and getting along alright, but not well enough to put the marriage back together. I have talked to her about an uncontested, mediated divorce and she seemed to agree to this. But at different times there have been the threats to get a lawyer and "take me for all she can".

I found out that she has gone and gotten what must be a very expensive Beverly Hills lawyer and filed for divorce. I have not been served with a summons yet. I have seen her several times since the filing date and she has not mentioned the divorce with me.

I know who the lawyer is. I do not know where she has gotten the money to pay, perhaps the lawyer is waiting to serve me and get fees from the court. At any rate, I am shocked and appalled that she would not sit down and discuss a mediator lawyer and a friendly divorce, but that is water under the bridge.

I want to quickly get myself my own lawyer, but all my experiences with lawyers in the past have been bad -- terrible, incompetent, money grubbing thieves basically. I need help and advice to find a reasonable lawyer in the Los Angeles, preferably Torrance or Southbay area. I was hopeful for our own sake and for the children to do this with as little rancor and ill feeling as possible, but I am fully prepared to fight a bloody knock down fight if necessary.

Please converse with me about finding a lawyer and proceeding with this.


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Re: Looking for lawyer advice in Los Angeles area - 10/16/17 08:37 PM

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