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#210253 - 03/26/07 02:47 PM Divorce Attorney with good rep in Oklahoma
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Loc: Oklahoma,USA
Im doing our banruputcy papers, and then I going to file for a divorce. I need a lawyer that knows his job. I am not happy in this 9year marriage, we have 2 kids and custody of 1 more togather and I have 2 from a previous time. We have a house and my business is in the house. He dosent want this divorce, but I do, theres issues, he needs some profsstional help I believe.
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#210254 - 04/13/07 09:48 PM Re: Divorce Attorney with good rep in Oklahoma [Re: boobear]
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my ex wife used Jennifer Irish and she was good enough to blow my attorney away, she's somewhat of a bulldog, anyway, I'm just glad to be completely over with all this including the support, after paying for 13 years the last payment went up earlier this week.....good luck, it's really in your favor.
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#210255 - 12/28/10 12:13 AM Re: Divorce Attorney with good rep in Oklahoma [Re: cashcow]
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I asked that same thing if he doesnt want the divorce
and she said we are in a no fault state, they will sign that paper and about your property and stuff..she said it is divided half and half

#210256 - 05/23/12 06:56 PM Re: Divorce Attorney with good rep in Oklahoma [Re: 1meanbiatch]
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My attorney, Keith Jones (Tulsa) is excellent. He appears laid back in his approach, but believe me, he knows his stuff. He was my sister-in-laws attorney during her divorce and got her sole custody.

While I realize that going through a divorce is akin to making battle plans, my ex-wife's attorney was not willing to negotiate with us on anything. If you said the sky was blue, her attorney would argue that it was aqua, etc.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend Keith to anyone. By the looks of the posted date, you may have already dealt with this, but still, good luck.

#773341 - 04/27/17 09:39 PM Re: Divorce Attorney with good rep in Oklahoma [Re: boobear]
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I went through Scott at

They helped me not have to pay $8,000, and the lawyer's name is Scott! Made my divorce easy! Definitely not a waste!


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