hello everyone im new here, and living in Maine , so is my ex . I recently was divorced in October and me and my exwife had decided that I would claim our 4 children for the 2008 year.. with the understanding i gave her half the return, which i did.

And that she would claim them from this point on... This is what we agrreed apon in the court room.

me and my ex arent fighting or anything as we both want to be cival for our children.

but some things have changed since then, and she is allowing me to claim 2 children from here on out and she will claim 2 to keep things more even...

The children live with her and i do pay a pretty hefty amount of child support and take my kids to my place when i have off or they dont have school... Basicly they still have 2 parents a mom and a dad.

now my question is what legal forms do i need for us to fill out so that i can claim 2 of my children in future tax years?

also she is on TANIF , will this cause any problems with her recieving assistance or it being cut down?

thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.