If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it.

I live in Arkansas and I am going to divorce my wife. We rent a house, her car is paid off, my car payments are low, no kids, I have a cheap motorcycle, she makes maybe $6k less than me annually and my name is on everything. Preferably we'll do uncontested and hire a mediator but worst case I want to be prepared. We don't meet a fault divorce so I would have to wait the 18 months.

I am moving out of the house, can I stop paying rent? Either forcing her to move our or take over payments?

Being separated for 18 months doesn't mean we have initiated the divorce correct?

How is the 18 months separation provable?

What happens after the 18 months? Just like a fault divorce?

Any consideration on moving to another state for faster wait times?

Can a court order me to pay her bills since I always have if we haven't initiated a divorce?

What is considered marital funds? The only thing we share is a savings account with $100, everything else is purchased with money I make.

That's all I have, I would really appreciate any help. I have done some research but not found answers. Thank you.