California : Family Code: 6750-6753
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Published 5.20.98

6750. This chapter applies to the following contracts:

6751. (a) A contract, otherwise valid, of a type described in Section 6750, entered into during minority, cannot be disaffirmed on that ground either during the minority of the person entering into the contract, or at any time thereafter, if the contract has been approved by the superior court in the county in which the minor resides or is employed or, if the minor neither resides in nor is employed in this state, by the superior court of the county in which any party to the contract has its principal office in this state for the transaction of business.

(b) Approval of the court may be given on petition of either party to the contract, after such reasonable notice to the other party to the contract as is fixed by the court, with opportunity to such other party to appear and be heard.

(c) Approval of the court given under this section extends to the whole of the contract and all of its terms and provisions, including, but not limited to, any optional or conditional provisions contained in the contract for extension, prolongation, or termination of the term of the contract.

6752. (a) Notwithstanding any other statute, in an order approving a contract of a minor of a type described in Section 6750, the court may require that the portion of the net earnings of the minor, not exceeding one-half thereof, that the court determines is just and proper, be set aside and preserved for the benefit of the minor, either in a trust fund or other savings plan approved by the court.

(b) The court may withhold approval of the contract until the parent or parents or guardian, as the case may be, execute and file with the court written consent to the making of the order described in subdivision (a).

(c) "Net earnings of the minor" for the purposes of this section means the total sum received for the services of the minor pursuant to the contract less all of the following:

6753. The court has continuing jurisdiction over a trust or other savings plan established pursuant to Section 6752 and may at any time, on good cause shown, order that the trust or other savings plan be amended or terminated, notwithstanding the provisions of the declaration of trust or other savings plan. The order may be made only after such reasonable notice to the beneficiary and to the parent or parents or guardian, if any, as is fixed by the court, with opportunity of all such parties to appear and be heard.

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