California : Family Code: 7120-7123
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Published 5.20.98

7120. (a) A minor may petition the superior court of the county in which the minor resides or is temporarily domiciled for a declaration of emancipation. (b) The petition shall set forth with specificity all of the following facts: (1) The minor is at least 14 years of age. (2) The minor willingly lives separate and apart from the minor's parents or guardian with the consent or acquiescence of the minor's parents or guardian. (3) The minor is managing his or her own financial affairs. As evidence of this, the minor shall complete and attach a declaration of income and expenses as provided in Section 1285.50 of the California Rules of Court. (4) The source of the minor's income is not derived from any activity declared to be a crime by the laws of this state or the laws of the United States. 7121. (a) Before the petition for a declaration of emancipation is heard, notice the court determines is reasonable shall be given to the minor's parents, guardian, or other person entitled to the custody of the minor, or proof shall be made to the court that their addresses are unknown or that for other reasons the notice cannot be given.

(b) The clerk of the court shall also notify the district attorney of the county where the matter is to be heard of the proceeding. If the minor is a ward or dependent child of the court, notice shall be given to the probation department.

(c) The notice shall include a form whereby the minor's parents, guardian, or other person entitled to the custody of the minor may give their written consent to the petitioner's emancipation. The notice shall include a warning that a court may void or rescind the declaration of emancipation and the parents may become liable for support and medical insurance coverage pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 4000) of Part 2 of Division 9 of this code and Sections 11350, 11350.1, 11475.1, and 11490 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

7122. (a) The court shall sustain the petition if it finds that the minor is a person described by Section 7120 and that emancipation would not be contrary to the minor's best interest.

(b) If the petition is sustained, the court shall forthwith issue a declaration of emancipation, which shall be filed by the county clerk.

(c) A declaration is conclusive evidence that the minor is emancipated.

7123. (a) If the petition is denied, the minor has a right to file a petition for a writ of mandate.

(b) If the petition is sustained, the parents or guardian have a right to file a petition for a writ of mandate if they have appeared in the proceeding and opposed the granting of the petition.

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