California : Family Code: 7950-7952
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Published 5.20.98

7950. (a) With full consideration for the proximity of the natural parents to the placement so as to facilitate visitation and family reunification, when a placement in foster care is being made, the following considerations shall be used:

(b) An agency or entity to which subdivision (a) applies may consider the cultural, ethnic, or racial background of the child and the capacity of the prospective foster parents to meet the needs of a child of this background as one of a number of factors used to determine the best interest of a child.

(c) As used in the section, "placement decision" means the decision to place, or to delay or deny the placement, of a child in a foster care home.

(d) Nothing in this section precludes a search for an appropriate relative being conducted simultaneously with a search for a foster family.

7951. This part does not apply in determining the foster care setting in which the child may be placed for a period not intended to exceed 30 days.

7952. A minor 10 years of age or older being considered for placement in a foster home has the right to make a brief statement to the court making a decision on placement. The court may disregard any preferences expressed by the minor. The minor's right to make a statement is not limited to the initial placement, but continues for any proceedings concerning continued placement or a decision to return to parental custody.

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