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California Family Code: Contents
(provided by Divorce Source, Inc.)
Published 5.20.98

DIVISION 1: Preliminary Provisions and Definitions

DIVISION 2: General Provisions

DIVISION 3: Marriage

DIVISION 4: Rights and Obligations During Marriage

DIVISION 5: Conciliation Prodeedings

DIVISION 6: Nullity, Dissolution, and Legal Separation

DIVISION 7: Division of Property

DIVISION 8: Custody of Children

DIVISION 9: Support

DIVISION 10: Prevention of Domestic Violence

DIVISION 11: Minors

DIVISION 12: Parent and Child Relationship

The complete California Statutes are not yet available. However, selected portions have been made available. These statutes, though available instantaneously over the web, may not be the current law. Court decisions overturning them, later statutes amending them, and a host of other factors come into play when interpreting them. They are provided here as a resource. They should provide some information about the state of the law. However, a competent lawyer, who from other sources will research the law to insure what is current, should always be employed in matters of importance.

California Family Code Contents

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