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Online Divorce Dictionary

The Online Divorce Dictionary is a collection of definitions of commonly used terms related to divorce and custody. If your term is not in the dictionary we strongly recommend trying a search on DivorceDex.com, which is the largest index of divorce related terms on the web.

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DivorceDex is an on-of-a-kind online index of strictly divorce terms. Often times referred to as the "encyclopedia of divorce", DivorceDex is made up of over 1000 term pages, each having several sections consisting of a definition, explanation/application, questions and answers, helpful tips and facts, and online resources.

Each term page is enhanced with contributions from active divorce professionals. Most of these divorce professionals are lawyers, mediators, and counselors who wish to share their knowledge to help people through the divorce process.

If you area Divorce Professional and you wish to share your knowledge on DivorceDex, you can easily become a DivorceDex Member today! (it’s Free)

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