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Don't Waste Your Money on Your Florida Divorce Lawyer!
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

Expert divorce lawyers don't come cheap. They have spent lots of time, energy and money in schooling to get where they are. They also have varying degrees of experience and expertise that they have acquired while in the legal profession. And they charge for all of that.

Many times, people who are going through a divorce are stressed out beyond normal limits. They are angry at the position they are in and feel as if their world is crumbling. That sometimes leads to irrational decision making.

I spend a surprising amount of time talking clients out of spending money on me. All too frequently, a client will insist that I investigate in detail some aspect of the opposing spouse's background or finances that has little or no bearing on the outcome of the client's divorce case. The motivation behind the request is the desire to make the spouse suffer the same stress that the client is feeling and not to advance the client's case.

In those situations, I explain in detail what the goals of the case should be and that the request is not one that will get us closer to meeting those goals. One role of a good Florida divorce lawyer is to tell the client even the things the client doesn't want to hear. If the client insists on still taking the action, and assuming it is legal and ethical to do so, I will do so only with a clear explanation that the client is wasting his money on the investigation.

Having my own personality trait of being a bit of a tightwad, it bothers me to waste money and to see other people waste money, even if the money is wasted on me!!

Bottom line: Listen to your experienced Florida divorce lawyer when you are told that you are about to waste your money in your divorce.

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