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Florida Divorce Alternatives
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

For many years, the only way to get your marriage dissolved was to have both spouses hire expert Florida divorce lawyers and battle it out tooth and nail. In these more modern times, things have gotten a lot more creative and a lot more helpful to those going through the agonizing breakup of a relationship. There are several Florida divorce alternatives.

An easy, fast and cheap divorce comes from the notion of having a Florida Uncontested Divorce. You don't even need to involve two lawyers. One of you can go to a lawyers office and get advice, then work out the practical details with your spouse and then have the lawyer put it all into "legalese" and make sure that the paperwork is all processed correctly.

Florida Collaborative Divorce is another option. In collaborative divorce, you both agree in the beginning that you will not go to trial, but will work it all out amicably. You guarantee that this will occur by agreeing to fire the lawyers involved in your negotiations if they are unsuccessful in bringing you to an agreement.

The most common way of ending the uncomfortable divorce process these days is to engage in a Florida Mediation. This is where the parties and their lawyers meet with a third and independent Florida divorce lawyer who pushes both sides toward settlement of their differences.

Another Florida divorce alternative is the Florida Pro Se divorce. This means that the parties represent themselves and do not hire lawyers. We often meet with a spouse who is handling the divorce without a lawyer, but wishes to get advice on the law, strategy and procedure before reaching a final agreement with the other spouse. After all, it is very difficult for someone inexperienced in the law of divorce to competently handle all of the issues without some help.

Bottom line: There are many florida divorce alternatives. Check with a divorce lawyer to see which option is best suited to your situation.

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