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Parent Coordinators in Florida Divorces
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

It is often difficult for parents to agree on a timesharing schedule for the children in a Florida divorce. After all, it is difficult to reach agreement on many things as you dissolve your relationship. When you consider that nothing is more important to a parent than the welfare of the children, the pressure surrounding the negotiation process becomes even greater.

To be a parenting coordinator, a person must either be licensed as a Florida mental health professional, psychiatrist or lawyer or be certified as a family law mediator with a master's degree in a mental health field. Expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyers often refer clients to parent coordinators for assistance in creating a timesharing plan because of the education and experience in dealing with children that comes with these qualifications.

The parent coordinator will meet with the parents both together and individually to discuss the needs of the children. In some cases, the parent coordinator will contact teachers or others who have information regarding the children or, in certain circumstances, speak with the children themselves.

The primary goal of the parent coordinator will be to reach an agreement between the parents on all aspects of their future timesharing arrangement. Not only will the parents decide which days the children will spend at each home, but also agree upon rules for telephone contact, exceptions to the usual schedule, responsibility for transporting the children, systems for selection of doctors, schools, extracurricular activities and all other choices you will make as your children mature.

Parent coordinators are fairly new to the divorce process in Florida but have proven to be quite valuable in helping to reduce the bickering and reach agreements that divorcing parents can accept.

Bottom line: Ask your expert Florida divorce lawyer if a parent coordinator could be helpful in your situation

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