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How Do I Make the Other Parent Pay Child Support?
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

If the other parent of your child fails to make timely child support payments, there are several ways that you can try to persuade them to pay. The first thing that you can do is speak to your expert Florida divorce lawyer about filing a motion for contempt where you ask the court to hold the other parent in contempt of court. There are a number of things that a court can do in that setting. The first thing the court can do is require the delinquent parent to pay within a certain set period of time or else go to jail.

After that, the court can also require that the various state licenses issued to the delinquent parent be suspended until the parent pays the child support current. The most damaging penalty for most parents would be the loss of a driver's license. The court can go even further. The state issues many other types of licenses. The parent could have a license to practice medicine or law, a license to be an engineer or a contractor or school teacher.

A very inspiring penalty to persuade a parent to pay child support current is to take away the parent's ability to earn a living. In our experience, these types of orders are very persuasive and result in immediate payment of past child support amounts due. Just imagine being faced with a choice of paying your child support obligation or losing your ability to make a living. The choice is pretty clear. Most people are not going to risk their livelihood when they can simply borrow some money to pay the support obligation up to date.

Bottom line: If the other parent is behind in payment of child support, ask your expert Tampa divorce lawyer how to take the proper steps to make sure that the support is paid up to date.

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