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What Are the Qualifications to be a Florida Guardian Ad Litem?
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

The court system uses guardians ad litem to assist in cases involving children. In order to be appointed by the court to perform this task, you must meet one of three qualifications. You must be officially certified by the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program, certified by a not-for-profit legal aid organization or be an attorney who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar.

There are a number of specific criteria within the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program and within any not-for-profit legal aid organization which we will discuss in a later blog post. All of the requirements are geared toward obtaining guardians ad litem who will dedicate their time to diligently representing the best interests of the children they are appointed to represent. If you have questions about these qualifications, contact an expert Tampa child custody attorney.

Bottom line: A guardian ad litem can be appointed to represent a child in a child custody dispute.

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