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How Are the Child Support Guidelines in Florida Affected by Tuition Costs?
(provided by Stann W. Givens, Esq.)

Florida law is very clear on how much each party will be responsible for in child support based on both parents' income and the number of children. However, we have recently discussed that the court can deviate from the normal payment schedule for certain unusual circumstances like the care of an elderly parent.

What if the children are enrolled in private schools which can cost thousands of dollars per school year these days? Are these expenses meant to be shared using the normal child support schedule laid out in the law? Expert Florida divorce lawyers know that the answer is, "Not necessarily."

While the guidelines for payment are calculated using a clearly defined formula, the law states that the court can adjust one or both parents' share for a number of factors, one of which is extraordinary "medical, psychological, educational, or dental expenses". Private school tuition fits under this exception and should be handled outside the normal guidelines.

Bottom line: Speak with the best St. Petersburg divorce lawyer you can find if your children are subject to expensive private school tuition costs and you are involved in a divorce or paternity case.

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