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My Next Amazing Life....Life Altering Decisions
(provided by Diana E. Rosen, M.S.)

Divorce is the life altering process. It is the dissolving of a relationship that was brought together in the act of marriage binding two people together; a relationship that was going to last forever.

Once the wheels of divorce are in motion, it is a difficult process to stop; there is doubt, guilt, and whether or not you should try to save this marriage, by whatever means necessary. We wonder, if there is something that we can fix or change in ourselves instead of going through this painful separation. When there is surprise of an impending divorce, we keep going over and over in our thoughts, why, when, what?

This is a time when we need to vent, to talk to friends who will support us, whether we stay in the marriage or whether we walk away. The voice within us is our guide. We must trust this guide to help us find and trust people who will support us and help us navigate through the confusion and loss. All we can do is believe that we will get through the rough time, and that with help we will be whole again.

Why is it important to have a coach?

Coaching helps a client reach his or her potential. There area positive changes in attitude, greater confidence in themselves; and they gain greater insights and abilities to help them in their new beginning. Sometimes the discoveries are dramatic and other times they are subtle. There is no right way or wrong way to feel, by listening and questioning you will discover a smoother process through this change. Coaching will help you move faster, see things clearer, help you discover that "aha" moment; to give you support; and help you find success in your relationships again....find that next amazing life.

Information provided by:
Diana E. Rosen, M.S.

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