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Discovering Our Purpose: With the Help of a Coach
(provided by Diana E. Rosen, M.S.)

During these difficult times, coaching helps people trying to find some purpose in their lives. To help people to gain their power of choice, coaching teaches them to be aware of the possibilities, to regain self-esteem, to regain purpose, and find who their meant to be.

What is the difference between Coaching and therapy and consulting? Therapy involves processing your emotional history or diagnosing and treating mental illness. Consulting is observing and giving someone tools to use to resolve a problem. Coaching is action oriented with a focus on the client,s current plans for the future and how dissolves blocks that may be limiting the client's success in achieving a goal.

Who uses a coach? People from all walks of life, who need to overcome certain obstacles to better their lives. Coaches work with people individually or in groups. People who request coaches are always in need to improve the quality of their personal life in some way.

What can a coach do for you? Well, a coach helps you to a safe place so you can move forward, helping you take responsibility for your actions, help rebuild self-trust and confidence, rediscovering your own power.

We hire a coach because we want someone who is going to listen to us and tune in, in a way that we have never been heard before, a way that will allow us to feel more connected to our own energy, our soul, recognize our own unique being. Coaching takes some work on your part. The coach is not the one who does the work, it's you. You as a client are responsible for making a commitment to the coaching relationship. The coach is there to be your success partner on the journey to help you through the critical gap, to help you see the big vision that you have not seen yet, to help you get from point A to point B faster than you ever thought possible. The coach will be there to be honest and truthful with you to help you discover who you are and recommend many strategies and solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals and beyond.

Hire a Coach if you are ready to look within yourself, ready to look at new perspectives, and ready to achieve what they say could not be done. Hire a Coach when you want someone who will listen without judgment, deeply listen, and really understand your concerns.

Information provided by:
Diana E. Rosen, M.S.

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