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Our Florida Divorce Source is an information resource devoted to making the divorce experience a little easier. On this page you can locate divorce lawyers, mediators, and other professionals as well as learn about the laws and related family law issues like, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and property division.

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Florida Divorce? We Have 7 Options...
1. Stopping Your Divorce: Bring your divorce or separation to a screeching halt with these effective solutions.

2. Hire A Divorce Professional: We recommend that you consider hiring a Lawyer, Mediator or Therapist if you can afford one and/or if you have a complicated/contested divorce situation.

3. Online Agreement ServiceFlorida Premium Separation/Settlement Agreement Service: Our premium agreement solution is a simple and inexpensive on-line process that will enable you to obtain a state specific comprehensive marital separation or settlement agreement personal to your situation.

4. Separation/Settlement Agreement Software. Downloadable or CD-ROM State Specific Separation/Settlement Agreement Software with Filing Instructions: The software is designed to provide you with the instructions and tools to easily draft, execute and file your own Legal Separation/Settlement Agreement.

5. Online Divorce ServiceFlorida Premium On-line Divorce Service: Our premium uncontested divorce service is a simple and inexpensive on-line process that will enable you to complete your necessary divorce documents from the comfort of your own home, without incurring the cost of an attorney, or dealing with lengthy completion and delivery periods.

6. COMPLETED State Specific Divorce Forms & Filing Instructions: You answer the questions on-line and submit your order - We use the information to create a Completed Divorce Forms Package

7. State Guidebooks with Divorce Forms & Filing Instructions: These are state specific "How to File for Divorce" Guides that contain all the necessary instructions, forms and agreements for filing with the court.

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Divorce Dictionary

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Recommended Florida Products & Services:
Florida Premium Online Divorce Service
Florida Premium Online Agreement Service
Florida Premium Online Parenting Plan Service
Florida Premium Online QDRO Preparation
Florida Premium Online Will Service
Florida Divorce Forms & Downloadable Software
Florida Divorce Guidebook
Florida Grandparent's Rights Manual
Florida Divorce & Financial Checklist
Florida Prepared Divorce Forms & Instructions
Florida Separation Agreements
Florida Child Support Calculation Report
Florida Child Support Calculation Handbook
Florida Pension Valuation Report
Florida On-line Parenting Education Class
Florida School Evaluations for Custody Cases
Florida Divorce, Marriage, & Birth Certificates
Florida Name Change Notification Kit
Florida Wills for the Divorcing
Florida Custody/Visitation/Support Modification Forms

Featured Books: ( Shop in the Bookstore )
How to Stop Your Divorce (2011 Edition)
How to Win Child Custody (2011 Edition)
Men's Right's Manual for Divorce (2011 Edition)
Women's Right's Manual for Divorce (2011 Edition)
Father's Child Custody Handbook (2011 Edition)
Mother's Child Custody Handbook (2011 Edition)
The Child Support Handbook (2011 Edition)
How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer (2011 Edition)
What Your Lawyer Probably Won't Tell You (2011 Edition)
The Divorce Record Keeper (2011 Edition)
The Property Division Handbook (2011 Edition)
The Separation Agreement Handbook (2011 Edition)
The Divorced Parent Record Keeper (2011 Edition)
Pension Issues and Divorce (2011 Edition)

Florida Divorce Sponsors:
Pension Appraisers, Inc. - Offering Pension Valuation & QDRO Services.
FL Child Support Report - Fast, Accurate and Up-to-Date!
Florida Divorce Guide - Florida Information, Forms, and Instructions.
Florida Divorce Magazine - Divorce & Separation Resource.

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