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Your Responsibilities When Dealing With A Divorce Lawyer
(provided by Ann O'Flanagan, Esq.)

When dealing with a Divorce Lawyer you have significant responsibilities and duties which you must adhere to.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has adopted Rule Amendments that dramatically change the Attorney/Client relationship. The Court has adopted nine client responsibilities. A list of these rights and responsibilities must be attached to all retainer agreements. These responsibilities are:

1. Clients shall provide full and accurate information to their attorneys regarding their matter.

2. Clients shall be available to participate in a timely fashion regarding their matter and to respond reasonably to requests from their counsel.

3. Clients shall advise their attorneys promptly of any change in their lives that might reasonably be expected to affect the handling of their matter.

4. Clients shall pay for the legal services rendered on their behalf within the time period set forth in the retainer agreement.

S. Clients shall be required to review diligently all bills submitted by their attorneys and within a reasonable time to raise any objections regarding billing.

6. Clients shall not take any position in their matter for any improper purpose, such as to delay the proceeding or intentionally to increase the cost to other litigants.

7. Clients shall not seek to use their attorneys for any improper means.

8. Clients must recognize and be responsible for the costs associated with any action initiated or requested by the client.

9. Clients shall provide sufficient time for their attorneys to explain to them the financial costs and other ramifications of a potential action in their matter and reasonably to consider the advice of their attorneys.

Information provided by:
Ann O'Flanagan

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