New York Domestic Relations Law
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Published 6.5.98

Article 1. Short title; definitions (Secs. 1,2)
Article 2. Marriages (Secs. 5-8)
Article 3. Solemnization, proof and effect of marriage
Article 4. Certain rights and liabilities of husband and wife (Secs. 50-61)
Article 5. The custody and wages of children (Secs. 70-73)
Article 5-A. Uniform child custody jurisdiction act (Secs. 75-a-75-z)
Article 6. Guardians (Secs. 80-85)
Article 7. Adoption (Secs. 109-117)
Article 8. Surrogate parenting contracts (Secs. 121-124)
Article 9. Action to annul a marriage or declare it void (Secs. 140- 146)
Article 10. Action for divorce (Secs. 170-175)
Article 11. Action for separation (Secs. 200-203)
Article 11-A. Special provisions relating to divorce and separation (Secs. 210-211)
Article 12. Dissolution of marriage on ground of absence (Secs. 220-221)
Article 13. Provisions applicable to more than one type of matrimonial action (Secs. 230-253)

The complete New York Statutes are not yet available. However, selected portions have been made available. These statutes, though available instantaneously over the web, may not be the current law. Court decisions overturning them, later statutes amending them, and a host of other factors come into play when interpreting them. They are provided here as a resource. They should provide some information about the state of the law. However, a competent lawyer, who from other sources will research the law to insure what is current, should always be employed in matters of importance.

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