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The Fast and Fair Divorce
(provided by Maury White, Esq.)

Every single one of my clients, without fail, tells me that they only want what is fair, and that they'd like their divorce over as fast as possible. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of calls from people who are contemplating divorce who are telling me, "We think we have everything figured out and we would like to use only one lawyer to write it all up."

I hear your concerns! The last thing you want to be doing at a time of such uncertainty and doubt, especially about matters financial when you are facing cutting "your pie" in half, is writing a big check to an attorney for what seems to you to be a simple proposition.

I have dedicated my practice to meeting the real needs of my clients. I have also discovered that there are other attorneys with the same dedication. We vigilantly strive to provide legally sound and effective solutions to your most pressing problems, instead of "stirring the pot" and inadvertently exasperating an already volatile situation with irrelevant legal mumbo jumbo and courtroom antics.

This is not to minimize your very important legal rights. Even though you and your spouse have discussed what makes sense to you, each of you needs to know that you are making the right decisions; for yourself and for your family. The only way to do this is to speak to your own attorney. You each need independent legal advice from Collaborative attorneys dedicated to out-of-court settlements and who know what they are talking about.

I have developed a model based upon tried and true mediation practices within the parameters and protocols of Collaborative Family Law to provide divorcing clients with trustworthy, compassionate and fair divorce settlements, ending in Collaborative Dissolution.

Information provided by:
Maury White, Esq.

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