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Education Can Lead to Something Good!
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One of the best ways to begin your new life after a divorce or separation is to learn something - go back to school, take a course or take up a new hobby. Not only will this put your mind to work and focused on something else besides what you've been through, but you get to meet new people with new interests!

Nothing is as exciting or enlightening as learning something new and many have found that they learn something new about themselves. Many adults decide to go back to school because of a significant event in their lives. Some do so to complete a Degree, learn a new vocation, enrich their educational or professional experience or just to improve themselves and learn something new about a topic that has always interested them. Others find new paths in the areas of community activism and find educational resources on environmental issues, social work, or computer skills. Seeking educational opportunities is a great way to stimulate thinking and intellectual abilities as well as allow adults to engage in discussions with other adults regarding mutual interests.

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